Switchview Lever S-SL3

Switchview Lever S-SL3

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Variant Bullets

  • Genuine Switchview USA throw levers
  • Branded with the Sightron logo
  • Reduce the time it takes to adjust magnification
  • Manufactured using only the highest quality materials
  • Backed by Sightron's Lifetime warranty
  • See description for list of compatible riflescopes


Engineered to attach seamlessly to your rifle scope, the Switchview Lever S-SL3 allows you to adjust your magnification ring with ease. Set the ring's lever in the exact position to match your shooting style and situation. Quickly and accurately set your magnification without having to wrap your fingers around the scope. A must-have accessory for any style of shooting.

The S-SL3 is compatible with the following riflescopes:  NOTE: The SL-3 will not fit the PLR Series.

  • SIII LR Series 6-24 magnification riflescopes
  • SIII LR Series 8-32 magnification riflescopes
  • SIII LR and FT Series 10-50 magnification riflescopes

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