Q: Are Sightron rifle scopes and binoculars gas filled?
A: Yes, all of Sightron's rifle scopes and binoculars are Nitrogen filled for optimal performance in all weather conditions.

Q: Which models have re-settable to zero turrets?
A: We offer four series of rifle scopes with re-settable to zero turrets. The SII Target series, the SIIB "Big Sky" Hunting and Target series, the SIII LR series and the S-TAC series will reset to zero.

Q: Do you put the same tracking system in the SV, SII, SIIB "Big Sky", SIII LR series and S-TAC series?
A: Yes, these all come with Sightron's ExacTrack Precision Windage and Elevation™ system that guarantees repeatability and accuracy.

Q: What is the difference between Inch and MOA adjustments?
A: MOA stands for Minute of Angle and 1 MOA is equaled to 1.047 inches. Some rifle scopes come with Inch or MOA adjustments. Please see the specifications to find the adjustment value.

Q: What is the difference between the SII series and the SIIB "Big Sky" series?
A: The SIIB "Big Sky" series is similar to the SII series but has enhanced features like: Longer eye-relief, Sightron's Zact-7 Revcoat™, upgraded turret knobs, and 180 degrees of rotation in the Adjustable Objective that will focus down to 10 yards. The SII series has 720 degrees of rotation in the Adjustable Objective with fully multi-coated glass.

Q: Are any of Sightron's rifle scopes Air Gun rated?
A: Yes, look to our SIIB "Big Sky" series or our 30mm SIIILR series of rifle scopes. All of the SIIB "Big Sky” series rifle scopes that have an AO will focus down to 10 yards and has a minimum of 40 inches of travel. In the SIIILR series look at the SIIISS1050x60LR with a minimum focusing distance of 13 yards and 50 MOA of travel. The SIIISS1050x60 will fit most Air Gun needs.

Q: Are Sightron's rifle scopes first or second focal plane?
A: Sightron produces both first and second focal plane scopes. Sightron’s first focal plane scopes are offered in the SIII LR series, SV series and S-TAC series of riflescopes.

Q: When mounting my rifle scope how tight should I torque my rings down?
A: We recommend tightening between 15 and 20 inch pounds (169-225 Newton Centimeters). This can be done by using a torque wrench that will adjust in inch pounds or Newton Centimeters.

Q: Does Sightron make a rifle scope that can be used for low light hunting applications?
A: Yes, Look at our SIIB "Big Sky" series for low light hunting capabilities. The SIIB "Big Sky" series offers Sightron's patented Zact-7 Revcoat™ that produce 90% to 91% total light transmission that is ideal for low light hunting applications.

Q: Does Sightron's rifle scopes carry a lifetime warranty?
A: Yes, Sightron Rifle Scopes and Binoculars carry a full Manufacturers Lifetime Limited Warranty. Please refer to our Warranty page for further information and exclusions.