Sightron Scopecoat®<br>X-Large

Sightron Scopecoat®

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Variant Bullets

  • Fits All SIII 10-50x60 models w/o sunshade
  • Made officially in the USA by Scopecoat®
  • Constructed from 6mm nylon laminated neoprene 
  • Moisture wicking inside layer protects scope from rust and corrosion
  • Laminated nylon top layer shields against the elements


The X-Large Scopecoat®  branded with the Sightron Logo is compatible with the following scopes:

  • SIII 10-50x60 scopes

Note: Scopecoat cannot be used with the sunshade  attached

Scopecoat® safeguards your optics from dust, dirt, dings, scratches and moisture. Made from the same 6MM thick Neoprene a material commonly used in wet suits, it conforms to the shape of the scope when attached. Our Neoprene/Nylon laminate composition assists in repelling moisture and condensation away from your optic, as well as, dirt and debris. This combination helps to protect your optics from the elements and damage while storing or transporting your gear.